Debuting “What Love Means” with Heather Thomas Van Deren

His Message His Call Radio is excited to be adding “What Love Means” with Heather Thomas Van Deren to our programming lineup. The program will have a special debut on New Years Day! The program will debut on January 1, 2020 at 10:30 AM eastern time with their brand new program. After the debut, various programs will air three times a week; every Monday at 2:00 PM, every Thursday at 11:00 AM and every Saturday at 9:00 AM. All times are eastern time zone.

Through a series of God-led events, the testimonies of “What Love Means” were created. Each unique episode describes how these individuals were impacted by life-changing experiences, as they learned what true love and eternal hope really mean. You will hear interviews of everyday people like yourself. Each episode of “What Love Means” will minister to your heart. You’ll be glad you took the time to listen.  The program is hosted by award-winning Christian Singer/Songwriter/Speaker, Heather Thomas Van Deren.

Scott Evans, owner and program director of His Message His Call Radio, had this to say about the new programming addition; “We are constantly looking for unique and uplifting programming for our station. Heather has an awesome program with “What Love Means” that uplifts God and includes interviews with people who will encourage you and minister to you each and every time you tune in.”

You can tune into and listen to “What Love Means” every Monday at 2:00 PM eastern time, every Thursday at 11:00 AM eastern time and every Saturday at 9:00 AM eastern time on our website at

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