Featured Programs


The Southern Gospel Music Forum Radio Program

Airs: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening at 8:00 PM ET and every Saturday and Sunday morning at 8:00 AM ET.

The Southern Gospel Music Forum is an hour long syndicated radio program featuring Southern Gospel Music.  From the latest releases to favorite classics, you will enjoy a great mix of music.  Hosted by Scott Evans


Rolo’s Revelations

Airs: Every Tuesday evening at 6:00 PM ET, Friday afternoon at 3:00 PM ET and every Saturday morning at 10:00 AM ET.

Join everybody’s favorite, adventurous wiener dog, Rolo as he learns valuable life lessons while he travels around with Final Harvest!

Rolo has special guests and always has a song to sing in his program!  Tune in today and discover Rolo’s Revelations!


A Classic Moment

Airs: Monday through Friday at 11:00 AM ET and Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 PM ET.

A Classic Moment is a segment that remembers the great songs in the history of Southern Gospel Music.  Each day we take a few moments to talk about one of these songs and play it for you.  Join us daily as we celebrate the rich history and tremendous songs of Southern Gospel Music!


Bill Gaither’s Homecoming Radio

Airs: Every Saturday and Sunday at 6:00 PM ET

Homecoming Radio is brought to you by Bill and Gloria Gaither and Spring House Productions, Inc. Bill and Gloria have filled stages all around the world with the “best of the best” Southern Gospel artists to entertain, encourage and bless their audiences. Now you can hear all that great music on your radio or computer. This October starts the 9th season of Homecoming Radio, an hour long radio program filled with the antics of Bill Gaither, Kevin Williams, Tori Taff (the better half of Russ Taff) and Phil Brower, plus a group of regular guests including Buddy Green, Gordon Mote, Gerald Wolf, Jason Crabb, Russ Taff, Joe Bonsall, Larry Gatlin, and you never know who may wander into the studio to visit. You’re friends at Homecoming Radio bring you soul touching music and heart changing lyrics, and sincerely pray that Homecoming Radio gives you what you are looking for. We appreciate each of our listeners. Pass the Good News along… tell your family and friends about us.


The Jesscott Music Hour

Airs: Every Saturday at 2:00 PM ET and Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM ET

The Jesscott Music Hour – a weekly Christian music podcast with emphasis on Independent Christian artists! They plays Southern Gospel Music and other styles as well!

Hosted by: Paul Gibbs


John’s Gospel Music Show

Airs: Wednesday at 6:00 PM ET; Saturday at 3:00 PM ET and Sunday at 9:00 AM ET

Join host, John Mills, on John’s Gospel Music Show, an hour long program featuring Southern Gospel Music and Christian Country Music.  The program includes the music of today and many beloved classics of yesterday! John is a long time DJ in Southern Gospel Music and has put together a wonderful and quality program.


Consider This

Airs: Every Monday through Friday at 7 AM ET

Consider This is a program that features devotional thoughts from Pastor, Artist and Author, Ted Brennan.  Ted shares his insights from the Word of God with listeners as he challenges and inspires you and encourages you on your walk with Christ.

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Hymn Hour with John Mills

Airs: Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 AM ET

Hymn Hour with John Mills is an hour long program that features the loved hymns of the church sung by some of your favorite Gospel Music Artists. We all love the hymns of the church and this program places them “front and center” as it celebrates the heritage of the hymns.

Hosted by: John Mills

What Love Means

Airs: Every Monday at 2:00 PM ET, every Saturday at 9:00 AM ET and every Thursday at 11:00 AM ET.

Through a series of God-led events, the testimonies of “What Love Means” were created. Each unique episode describes how these individuals were impacted by life-changing experiences, as they learned what true love & eternal hope really mean. You will hear Interviews of everyday people like yourself. Each episode of What Love Means will minister to your heart. You’ll be glad you took the time to listen.  Hosted by award-winning Christian Singer/Songwriter/Speaker, Heather Thomas Van Deren

KidsFire 4 Christ

Airs: Every Tuesday at 6:30 PM, every Friday at 3:30 PM and every Saturday at 10:30 AM.

KidsFire 4 Christ is a 10 minute children’s program that is hosted by the Johnson Family Ministries. Enjoy some great stories and learn some wonderful lessons!

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