Millers — Glad

Artist: The Millers
Project Name: Glad
Label: Independent
Producer: Joey Wilson
Reviewed By: Scott Evans

It is an interesting world we live in! Not that many years ago there was no such term as Social Media. Nowadays we have Facebook, Twitter and a host of other online communities to be a part of. It was in this realm that I met and befriended Randy and Becky Miller. Over the course of time they have become great supporters of my ministries and I am very appreciative of their friendship! Randy and Becky are also one half of the singing group, The Millers. The other members are Renee Settles and Randy Simpson, a man that became a friend long before social media and who recently released a new solo project. The Millers have also recently released a brand new project titled “Glad” and it is another great effort from this talented group.

The title song leads off the project and “I’m Glad” is an up tempo song that will get your toe tapping right out of the gate! The song talks about how glad we are to have Jesus in our lives and all of the wondrous things He does for His Children. Next on the project is “Find Out What God Is Doing.” This is a song of revival and there is no doubt we could use a little bit of that in our lives! A beautiful song about Heaven is next. The song is titled “That Sounds Like Home To Me” and the song talks about all of the wonderful things and sights in Heaven and there is no doubt that it surely does sound like Home to me. Another song about Heaven is next and it is the old church hymn, “When We All Get To Heaven.” That has long been a favorite hymn of mine and I love the Millers version of it.

I have always said that, as Christians, we are often guilty of not thanking God for the blessings and answers to prayer in our lives. The Millers sing a song titled “I’ve Got A Lot To Thank The Lord For” and it surely covers a lot of things that we should be thankful to Christ for! It is an upbeat song that will quickly become a favorite! It seems as if every Millers project has an incredible song of hope on it. If you are currently struggling with any kind of trial in your life you need to listen to “You’ll Make It Through.” The song proclaims that, with Jesus Christ, we will make it through the darkness and into God’s Light on the other side of the trial. There seems to be a recurring theme of songs about Heaven on this project and “I’m Going Where He Lives” is another great song and the Millers turn in another fine performance on this song.

“Take A Moment And Live” is a song I have heard before in Southern Gospel Music and I believe it was the Kingsmen who sang it back in the mid-1990’s! The Millers version of this great song is very good as well. I mentioned that I have known Randy Simpson for a while. I have been friends with Randy for about 20 years and one of my favorite songs that he ever sang was “The Shepherd Became The Lamb.” The Millers sing this song next and I love this version. The song has one of the most powerful messages I have ever heard in a song as it talks of our Great Shepherd becoming the Sacrificial Lamb for His Children. “We Shall Wear A Robe And Crown” is a favorite song from several years back and the Millers offer up a fine performance on this classic, traditional southern Gospel song. The final song on the project is another classic Southern Gospel song. It is a beautiful rendition of “Leave It There” as we are reminded once again that we can leave our burdens with the Lord.

The Millers are a fine group and they seem to just get better and better with each new project. They have a classic sound and they will please any fan of traditional Southern Gospel Music. My favorite songs from the project are “I’ve Got A Lot To Thank The Lord For,” “You’ll Make It Through” and “The Shepherd Became The Lamb.” I have been a huge fan of the Millers since I first heard the group and I would encourage you to get out there and get your own copy of this project. I can promise you that you’ll be “Glad” you did! For more information on the Millers, visit their website at

Listen to a sample of this project below

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