Brothers In Grace — Living In The Sonlight

Artist: Brothers In Grace
Project Name: Living In The Sonlight
Label: Independent
Producer: Danny Funderburk
Reviewed By: Scott Evans

Pennsylvania is the home to many Southern Gospel artists but very few of them share the same hometown as the Southern Gospel Music Forum.  Brothers In Grace is based in Lancaster, PA along with us and we are always happy to see a new project from these talented guys.  Their latest project is titled “Living In The Sonlight” and it includes eleven songs, all of which will be enjoyed by the listener.

“Stand And Praise The Lord” gets the project off to a rousing start.  This upbeat song is one of praise and, in fact, reminds us to stand and praise the Lord for His amazing Grace.  “That Very Moment” is an old song from Perfect Heart and I had not heard the song in several years.  It is a great version of this old favorite.  Next on the project is a rousing a cappella version of the great old hymn “Oh For A Thousand Tongues To Sing.”  I love this old hymn of praise and the a cappella arrangement is a very good one.  The project’s title song is next and “Living In The Sunlight” is another upbeat song that speaks of that day we move to Heaven.

“He Left It All” is a beautiful song with a tremendous message.  The song reminds the listener that Jesus Christ left all the splendor of Heaven and come to earth to die for you and me.  A sobering reminder of the sacrifice the He made to save us.  Next on the project is a catchy tune titled “I’m Glad I Know.”  The song remarks of many things that we do not know or understand but we can be very glad that we know the man called Jesus and all of the wonderful grace and forgiveness that He gives.  More than all of that, we can be thankful that Jesus knows us!  The tempo slows down with “There Is A Savior.”  This beautiful song reminds us of the many ways that the Savior lights our way.

The next song on the project is one of my all-time favorite Southern Gospel songs.  The song is the great Sandy Knight song titled “One More Miracle.”  What a great reminder for those of us who have experienced the greatest miracle of all, our salvation, that God is still in the miracle business and has another one for us if we need it.  “Damascus Road” is a good, old-fashioned quartet song.  Brothers In Grace does a good job singing this toe-tapping song.  Next on the project is “Somewhere In Gloryland,” a song that paints a picture of those people celebrating in Heaven that Jesus died in their place.  The final song on the project is titled “We’ll Meet Again.”  The song is a great reminder that though we may never meet someone on this earth again, if they are saved, we will meet them again in Heaven.  The song is a great source of comfort for those of us who have loved ones in Heaven.

Brothers In Grace have been singing for eighteen years.  I have been familiar with this group for about thirteen of years.  This group seems to be one of those groups who keeps on getting better with each new project.  This effort is the best that I have heard from them yet.  The selection of songs is a good mix of music and the vocal performances are very good.  The production is good and the end result is a very good project from Brothers In Grace.  My favorite songs from the project are “One More Miracle,” “Stand And Praise The Lord” and “He Left It All.”  If you enjoy Southern Gospel Music in the traditional male quartet, four-part harmony style, this project will be one that you enjoy!  For more information on Brothers In Grace, visit their website at

Listen to a sample of this project below

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