Brothers In Grace — For All Seasons

Artist: Brothers In Grace
Project Name: For All Seasons
Label: Independent
Producer: Danny Funderburk
Reviewed By: Scott Evans

One of my favorite memories from the time I lived in Pennsylvania is all of the people involved in Southern Gospel Music that I had the opportunity to meet and become friends with. One of the groups that I met while living down there was Brothers In Grace. I have reviewed a number of their projects on this website and I always look forward to any new music that they come out with. Their latest effort is titled “For All Seasons” and I honestly believe that this is their best effort to date.

The projects gets off to a rousing start with “I Catch ‘Em, God Cleans ‘Em.” I have always enjoyed this song and the message of being fishers of men! Brothers In Grace does a great job on this song which will become a fast favorite. “The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor” is a song that has been around Southern Gospel Music for several years and Brothers In Grace includes their version next on this project. As classic songs go they probably do not get much more classis than “He Touched Me.” This song has one of the great, timeless messages of the power of God’s Touch. I pray that you have experienced that touch as I have. “Heartbreak Ridge and New Hope Road” is a song I first heard by the Gatlin Brothers but this version is really outstanding.

Anytime you put a Cathedrals song on a project you just made friends with me! One of the Cathedrals best is on this project in “Sinner Saved By Grace.” I love this song because we are all just an old sinner saved by Grace. What a message and what a song! The next song on the project is very near and dear to my heart. The song is “Knowing You’ll Be There” and this song was sung at my mom’s funeral. The song is a great encouragement for anyone who is mourning the passing of a loved one. Another classic song is next as Brothers In Grace sings “Midnight Cry.” That is another very powerful song with an incredible message. I know I cannot wait for the midnight cry when Jesus calls us Home! “Children Go Where I Send Thee” is a song that I have not heard in years but I love this song and this version is a very good one.

Those who know me know that I love the Oak Ridge Boys and “Thank God For Kids” was one of their biggest songs. Brothers In Grace has included a nice version of that song on this project. Another song from the Oak Ridge Boys is the great Christmas song, “Beneath The Christmas Tree.” Brothers In Grace sings that song next on the project. “Still The Greatest Story Ever Told” continues the Christmas song theme and it also happens to be one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time! This is a wonderful version of the song. The final song on the project is the classic song, “I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary.” This song simply tells it like it is. We as Christians embrace that old rugged Cross and the saving knowledge that it holds and I found this to be a perfect ending to a truly great project.

As I said, I have known Brothers In Grace now for probably 15 years or more. In those 15 years I have enjoyed their music many times and this project is very enjoyable. My favorite songs from this project are “I Catch ‘Em, God Cleans ‘Em,” Heartbreak Ridge and New Hope Road” and “Knowing You’ll Be There.” This project features Bobby Gernert along with the rest of Brothers In Grace and the production, mixing and engineering is outstanding on all fronts. The guys all turn in a great vocal performance and all of that adds up to a quality recording that you should consider adding to your Southern Gospel Music library. I have listened to the CD many times and have been playing it on my radio program so I am very happy to recommend it! For more information on Brothers In Grace, visit their website at

Listen to a sample of this project below

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